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It's Nakashima.:Potash glue 2

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I'll deliver episode 2 following well-received potash glue episode 1! The last time is going to change into a swimsuit from plain clothes and ends, and I think frustration is collected, but everything is shown this time-! It was being whether the person liked by the first talk was Akira, you have a meal by everyone first, the time! Moreover a girl is a swimsuit! If it's done from a man, it's the best dinner, this? Moreover the meal which seems quite good. Even if it's being seen, I'm quite happy because the contents of conversation also rise by a topic of relations of the sexes as expected. The member who usually enjoys a free toque without words. Even if it's rising, it's the bathing time. Even there, it's hit, KE toque filling! That they gather in the room, respectively, NOOMANKO check. And and of big group sex, it starts, DESU! 3 people line up, and, KUNNI, the form is an excited thing! A partner, by turns, it's changed, and, FERA and a hand, oh, the extraordinariness by which oh would like to do a vibes and 69! The confession time DEVI has just felt like putting it in first, and when a partner is decided! Now, who and who will be a partner! Requested expectation!

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"One this time will say the origin of this series. Because it's fascinating, a plan will be also pleasant now." "All three people are a cute actress. The contents amount to little, but they seem able to expect it of a work next time." "I don't go with group sex this time, but FERA is judged as opening of 3 men. There is no HAME, so because rubber doesn't appear, it may be II more than other episodes." "Such cute child is stark-naked, FAKKU, it's quite good." "Mosquito Lamy is little and isn't quite satisfactory a little like the contents, but, medium jikaikyakushi TSUN BAI equaled 3 people, and was good."

Keywords:Urination, an audio visual actress, group sex, an original animation and a memoir/a documentary.

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