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Phosphorus.:Pick-up! GASA insertion! namakan Nakaide does!

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Popular audio visual actor Yoshiya Minami and Kenzaki Susumu will pay out in a town in Shibuya and make a pass at a girl to the next from the next. And it's phosphorus that it caught. It's said to be GASA insertion first and I begin to call at home of phosphorus and search for a room. Then an erotic cartoon is found! A girl on the second thought reads such one, too, doesn't she? And I'm bombarded with questions variously, and the form of the phosphorus is pursued at last, and a stripe is done. She it's rubbed, and who is feeling a chest a little. The state which won't be "it's too comfortable and useless,-!" at all when you twiddle a clitoris by a big massage machine. Still I makes the stripe the offensive of two people who don't stop while twitching at last. More twiddles continue, and, what and, petit tomato, in a hole in the bottom of phosphorus! This is surprise! Phosphorus aims and urinates by a bathroom as well as that! Too wonderful. And it's raw HAME that I depended on the phosphorus returned to a bed finally! Oh, because it's she who is sent to here, will raw entrapping be no problem? It's put in without resisting. It finishes by medium stock like and being natural! The picture a spermatozoon leaves with DORRO from there is must-see! The one of the Hisashi hesitation

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"This actor he makes do does not like a reckless thing really. I don't want to see a work for Mr. Kenzaki." "It's pretty, but anyhow Kenzaki is obstructive and histrionic, and an actress doesn't like it at all." "Of phosphorus, this, I'd like a sense plumply. I prefer. But cucumber is put in an anus, and how is insertion of vegetables? If, I think." "There was also charm these days running out of control actress phosphorus 。 a looks is not completely satisfactory, when being raped, I'm my daughter like a mirror of the medium actress who looks pretty. I'd also like the tempo like the contents, and erotic squid is under care of a ball-even now tightly. One point to which I say that CHINPO should also crash in because cucumber was stuffed into an anus, is a target of points deducted.", wasn't there? "It's pretty, but anyhow Kenzaki is obstructive and histrionic, and an actress doesn't like it at all."

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