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Aiko Iijima.:Everything Aiko's

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This time is also 1 intolerable in costume masquerade fetishism. The face at which I laughed, Aiko Iijima of Ai Iijima resemblance, in bloomers, in a bikini, for a nurse, if, you show me luxurious KOSUPURE plentifully. First, Aiko of the form of bloomers, "DOO-will persevere in only the one which are SHII which was here-and FERA poorness, oh,-make", FERARESSUN which is while receiving the rudiments for a teacher. The end gives a demonstration of the bottom of teacher's warm guidance and vulgar FERA, and catches teacher's ZAMEN you couldn't finish any more standing in your mouth. The Chapter 2 which has started with "Aiko's ONANITA-IMU". Aiko who fits a pure white bikini on a body also ignores and shows embarrassed, you show it to me. When it'll stimulate a teat and chestnuts by a finger and be IKEIKEMODO, I make concentrated attacks on a chestnut by a rotor and die. A man finds Aiko who was doing onanism by the nurse form in the last chapter, and O begins doctor imitation. A stethoscope is taken away and it's examined away to the inside of Aiko's body. Finger man, caress, behind FERA and performance starting. Aiko of the nurse form can be thrust at away and splash the end over a face noisily, and super-ERO comes.

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"It's regrettable that these actress and nurse form weren't too suitable. A clerical worker is preferred." "It's a costume masquerade thing, but, so much, erotic, well, but it isn't felt a face isn't also a typewriter so much, so, it's an underestimate.", is it? "It's a costume masquerade thing, but, so much, erotic, well, but it isn't felt a face isn't also a typewriter so much, so it's an underestimate.", is it? "A performing artist similarity audio visual actress is Aiko Iijima, the audio visual actress similarity audio visual actress who won't be you're strong in an impression as the audio visual actress who works tightly compared with a head family for a face, oh, it's the similar Japanese syllabary degree, but an originator isn't a beauty so much, either, so it's DOKKOIDOKKOI there seems to be also technique for devoting mouth indecent service, in visual way, erotic KU, may.", isn't it?, right?, isn't she? "It's beautiful and the good style is also made a body OMAN KO is also pink and beautiful. But I can't have a sunburn mark of a swimsuit.", isn't it?

Keywords:An audio visual actress, an idol, bloomers, a costume masquerade, a nurse, Mr. GO, a vibes, launch in the mouth, ZAMEN and a face are shot, onanism, KUNNI and FERA.

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