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Sayaka Hagihara.:A spout DOPYU.

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Happy New Year! 2005, first shot is a New Year's 2TOP plan, and the 3rd version is a very popular spout. A woman blows water in a pleasure. By the way, there are no cases that tide made Miss Caribbean smoke yet only the lady by whom that was also limited-, aren't there? I'll expect it in 2005. Now, first Ayumi Kono of beautiful milk appears by the wildcat form. A chestnut is attacked and you cover tide with a rotor with PYUPPYU. The comment which" is salty" if I think it's good-because the actor who was waiting for its water at the bottom swallows while puffing and blowing. After that, you change the room and show me intense H. Sayaka Hagiwara who continues, and is the gal system actress. I still like con brio and Miss Caribbean very much with a pleasant smile. Fingers with 2 people, oh, oh, a clitoris and there are fingered in KUNNI, RARE, please, you wipe up tide with DOPYU from a standing figure. The later when one was utilized is thick only with change, W FERA. I make a vulgar noise with JURUJURU and stick on 2 thick penises. On parade which are MANGURI return and work in female dominance and a back by a performance. The end takes a spermatozoon of the amount beyond Sayaka's tide out of the normality in a breast, and finishes. The close-up photography and the degree of exposure are 1 hour when hibu of Ayumi and Sayaka is also clear highly securely. I overlook and cry by all means!

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"I saw Sayaka's video really after a long time. Classic feeling did, and was fresh." "Neither of 2 people are bad for an actress, I don't like, so the case that image quality wasn't that good and 3P are 3 of★." "Ayumi's isn't that intense to say tide, and they're rather quiet I want you to blow so that a face is wetted.", aren't they? "Ayumi Kono in the first half is a good breast but it's slightly different from the type. Sayaka Hagihara is pretty and has fine teamwork and, without complaints.", isn't she? "It's described in one word that Sayaka Hagihara who saw after a long time is cute as expected processing was also complete for the hair which is thin a looks was lovely and in addition to west's and round Rhein's of a well-shaped beautiful breast and moderate flesh having complete set of beautiful hip and triple time, and there were no objections. After a long time, it was practical and good.", isn't it?

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