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Strawberry milk:Back Stage

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I'll deliver a rare picture today! I show everyone the landscape of the picture taking of the strawberry milk who became a big hit last time! An attractive pose by Santa's costume and the form of Japanese clothes can be judged by an animation! That I become a TOP actress indeed, various expressions will be made immediately, and the limit of the audio visual actress is exceeded, isn't it? I'll recommend to see a last movie after this movie is seen! Expressions of moto of milk are these movie and fan must-see put back!

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"DAMA why is which put in 1 with an image video though it's an unrevised site, feeling does." "It's the work which re-recognizes beauty of the milk there is no dirty, but erotic SA is felt enough. My daughter who makes a picture.", isn't it? "In short Back Stage will be the concept that an offstage is shown, but you can think pubic hair treats it and makes them do onanism and has how to show it it can be said how much strawberry milk is pretty, and even if IV of an erotic idol puts it on and delivers the following work by Caribbean, how is it or....", right? "Santa's red costume masquerade? Because they're red kimono and strawberry milk, is it red? But it's pretty and really suitable. There are no dirty elements, but when seeing as a making, it may be good." "A cute actress. Because there is no only this good feeling easily, it's seen, and there would be no loss."

Keywords:An audio visual actress, a costume masquerade and beautiful milk are animated originally.

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