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Strawberry milk:Monopoly animation summary version

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A lot of monopoly animations were delivered in 2004, but I'll deliver the summary version which collected only good places by the movie which also had a lot of popularity at the inside! Kay from the model where Anna Miyashita, strawberry milk, Umi field light and Sakurada cherry tree are amateur Heidi of Caribbean com finding and yuan JJ from a popular famous actress. Additionally a lot of audio visual actresses appear! The play contents, exposure and raw entrapping, during, the perfect permanent preservation edition which can take it out and enjoy urination and a drama a look for several by one! I overlook this chance and cry!

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"It's a summary version, but this is feeling such as the ordinary sample collections such, I don't need that.", isn't it? "Sakurada cherry tree is Ms. Actress's dear summary version. But I'm sorry, but it didn't come off." "A summary version but, they seemed to be also packing too much too much, and I had some cases of one 。 which thought the one which collected sample animations is being seen says when I'd like to reconsider this chapter." "I have been homesick and have gazed. So it may not come off a little by this summary version." "A summary version of a monopoly animation, so 1 person is the other side ranked high of 1 actress, it isn't quite satisfactory, if it's a digest work to feel, then it's the Japanese syllabary. If I pack an assortment of Anna Miyashita, strawberry milk, Umi field light, Sakurada cherry tree and a work in the actress camp Heidi delights, I want at 60 minutes at least."

Keywords:While raw HAME namakan, urination and an audio visual actress get into a costume, it's taken out and it's animated originally, the best omnibus.

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