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DEVI:Monopoly delivery contents Potash glue Episode 1

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HA-, I'm here! HA-, I'm here! HA-, I'm here! It has been done! Caribbean com and a plan just like some popular programs< potash glue>! 1 van appears suddenly! The young lady and 4 men who are 3 there while it rains when 1 staff says "He goes visit to receive, he doesn't have that.". NA! In the inside where I'm a lady with what, that, well, to DEVI who had gone out to o sheets of dried laver indeed! This, whereabouts-??? The big room where the place where one between the person 1 person has the different individuality took 1 van and brought you there is 1. An order be given from a staff, and "look for a partner of ideal SEX", said. Are 7 people who still have begun and have just met slightly awkward feeling! When and I burst into communication thyme. . . ., well, a lot of H a staff prepares, these 7 people who make up with an event and go. Is it possible to kill and find a partner of ideal SEX? I'll deliver potash glue episode 1!

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"It's the plan which seems to be this site really, but a preface is too long, and I think money was lost for once." "This isn't the estimated contents indeed, of this chapter which let it run and saw, ran, oh." "DEVI It's Nakashima, Himeno peach. The back is very unrevised in DEVI, regular customer. The audio visual actor known to a male camp well both. You can expect a dirty scene, in amateur setting, by impossibility... " "It's a work of a first, though a digest is fine for introduction of SHUCHUESHON...." "Anyway eros is in I'm here and being no scenes the uncle who is indeed doesn't come off, either.", isn't it?

Keywords:An audio visual actress, an idol, group sex, an original animation and a memoir/a documentary.

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