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Shiina RIKU:I don't take off stock in my RORI daughter-my glasses, and-.

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A rape work for the very popular AKIBA system beautiful girl and Shiina RIKU appears already! By budding of glasses, RORIRORI, the younger sister role. Strenuousness of Shiina RIKU is being transmitted through erotic hongeki erotic onanism and toy blame from punishment IRAMACHIO from my elder brother and a teacher every 1 scene by vivid acting for a fan. The highlights are sprouted and a face shines from the top of glasses to the hilt at the end in IRAMACHIO still wearing glasses, and a pretty face under the glasses spoils. Hard, I'm going to stand,-! sprouted I also overlook dreadful stock play during rape with a private teacher and cry! (Dream room company offer: Miss Caribbean)

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"Shiina RIKU is cute as expected the body is also beautiful and. If I come dirtily with such daughter, it's best but a natural face looks like Shiina RIKU and is really pretty, for my daughter, glasses, bullhead tu, without, you want you to show me good of the natural face more.", isn't it?, isn't he? "It's a rather a little old stock thing in the rawness, but an actor appeals for the rest soup after medium excuse. The difference which is the tremendous range since calming down when there is this. When there is nothing emphasized genuinely when saying conversely, it's seen as fake. Is this considered badly?" "It isn't fetishism of glasses, so... but eros is here and is an actress." "This actress wouldn't need glasses. I don't want you to concern fetishism of glasses." "It looks like RORI, for, it isn't seen, RIKU, for itself, quite, erotic KU, may. Erotic that place is being done by the slender system."

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