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Sai Fujii.:Miss KYABA is Sai Fujii.

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Sai Fujii's very pretty appearance! SU where the girls' school raw form is too well-matched and is aroused strangely-! The bottom, for Sai Fujii PAKKURI begins to stick in front of the GU only way camera, and into whom expands a hole of MANKO and a bottom, rotor and vibes blame! Sai Fujii who issues dirty pant voice though he makes MANKO twitch, is intolerably possible, love SUGI SU! A body is fitted on a white dress, "Everything may be done today!", Aya Fujii speaking to oneself. A pie is SSU which trains away or SU you don't have-, right? The beautiful big breasts which are Sai Fujii whenever it's seen, the best-SU! And SU where I'll visit serious FERA lasciviously after making them excited much! Tama Tama is even tasted around! This is SU where it sounds good-, isn't it? Whenever Sai Fujii sees as expected, the best-SU! (Dream room company offer delivery: The left hanger)

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"Is it uncommon to her? GOMUHAME. A work in an early stage? Grouper, also, was a guarantee inexpensive? Whichever I'll take, I'll see other ones." "Sai of Miss KYABA also has fine teamwork by a dynamite body by the beautiful feature." "A breast still seems good. To come across it here and there freely also comes to the tiredness slightly." "The play contents were wonderful, but girl's looks wasn't my favorite type." "Sai is quite cute there should be able to be such Miss KYABA-. Maybe there may be also a gap the uniform form.", isn't he?

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