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My amateur daughter:Shibuya's woman

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Well! An actor plan in Caribbean com came at last! 4 popular audio visual actors take amateur NANPAHAME in a body, GACHINKO game! A guarantee for 4 people is monopolized for a winner, a loser is No guarantee! Who wins the victory, everybody takes charge of the user for who is loss! It's Kim Taku fact in the audio visual world and Ikeda diameter of the IKEMEN actor to cut a lead-off batter! I make a pass at her to search Shibuya who needs a pretty gal for an amateur best! The amateur who got finally after it could be declined and continuing it, is your elder sister beautiful unreasonably! One the work which is saying a fashionable check and is making them take off the clothes one after another at a karaoke bar gets used to! That's also a technology IKEMEN! DOSUKEBECHAN it's found by a shop assistant, and I'm disturbed, but which arrives at a hotel and comes after all! Please see and enjoy an animation after that! (Dream room company offer: The right hanger)

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"An actress is cute. The contents were also good." "It looks like an amateur and it's being done, but I'm the actress who seems to say how it is. In a hurry you can enjoy yourself, but, NE." "A little younger one is preferred. I'm sexy. A super-VIP isn't understood. Well! The one by which this series is a super-VIP." "A part of girl's eye looked like plastic surgery, and I was slightly interested, but technique might eat eros." "They seem to say amateur's elder sister, but it's age unknown not completely satisfactory they're young a little more clearly personally! And, is the one you say preferred.", isn't it?

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