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Kikuchi collar:Mantis-temptation married woman-

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The super audio visual actress who represents 80 's when saying Kikuchi collar. A way of speaking and the attitude are the feeling that SON JO is high compared with an audio visual actress of the young people around there. A strong adult woman. By an interview of the beginning, spotted dryness RU, I was Mr. Kikuchi collar who was just in front of, FERA PAIZURI changes into the expert mature woman who is sexy and cancels frustration daringly when she begins to do play, and where is best using big breasts, big service! The Kikuchi collar to which the numbers of the super-lecherous play are announced so that it isn't possible to bind up with an ordinary word as "mature woman"! The person who isn't a mature woman fan falls in, too! I think, please be satisfied fully! Be absorbed, adult woman! (Dream room company offer delivery: The right hanger)

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"An uncle is an impression. There is presence which just took the world by storm indeed. Photography at a place like a budget hotel in outskirt was also interesting. My recent daughter can't also see how to draw of sweat. A rotor was being petted by the mouth, but I'd have a toothache. But eros in Showa burned with that. NETCHIKOI eros is after a long time." "You're a mature woman actress a face is not completely satisfactory and a style is also not completely satisfactory.", right? "When I see, I'm a beauty, the line which comes to smell of an aunt, and it's a body more as it is seen, also collapses, and, not completely satisfactory." "I didn't think Kikuchi collar could be judged by a back thing really. Without also changing now, eros comes very much. It's admiration in an excellent technology." "You're a dear actress you can't come to like a mature woman only and personally. Even if it's popular when being young, how much can't I win the year.", right?

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