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An amateur Yuuko.:A face is the outdoors, MANKO...? The 4th shot and Yuuko

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4th shot of an original amateur exposure series "A face is the outdoors, in MANKO,...." It's Yuuko who is 20 years old by an apparel shop assistant that you came for the money used for the entertainment. First, play in the regular car! The pants which are the camouflage pattern under the miniskirt! It has come out! Pink beautiful OMANKO! Smoke doesn't spread a window of the car, so Yuuko completely exposed to view is feeling from outside for the person who comes and goes, and who is one serving by embarrassed. den MA can be addressed to a chestnut, and, unconsciously, even leakage is! There are also no hands which take out the lower part of the body during raw HAME* while visiting, and are a TOERRAI fact, and overlook Yuuko of the absentminded position from visit from the inside and a window of the building of a car this time! (Dream room company offer delivery: Miss Caribbean)

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"The affair in the car is good a face is decent and a style is also not completely satisfactory.", isn't it? "It's a difficulty that a screen is dark for this series. In a hurry I want a fascinating one to devise it." "The plan is also usually fascinating, but a girl doesn't often see the part where the stock during life by the special back would like to see a picture darkly. To the work with the low percentage of completion, not completely satisfactory." "I was the child who neither seems artless nor so pretty, but play might eat eros." "I think quite fascinating plan. The girl is cute, too, and you have fine teamwork-the one by which the angle of the performance scene is not completely satisfactory is regrettable. It looks like after this child's ordinary HAME taking is seen, shank.", right?

Keywords:Raw HAME namakan, an amateur, a gal and the outdoors, during exposing, it's taken out and a spout, FERA and beautiful milk are animated originally.

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