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Makawa Rei:Dissolute captive Vol.3

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Appearance of Makawa Rei who takes pride in his lecherous chionna where the Caribbean com original chionna series "dissolute captive" 3rd kind of crop is best. In the chionnateki offensive of Makawa Rei, men, YA, away! From FERASHIN of the beginning, already, YABAI! Thick! Thick! Everyone sucks CHINPO in such wind, and if it's drawn through its hands in hand KOKI, would close I! You'll be a man in the chin count state and even taste an anus as well as a ball lick away, and soon die away at foot KOKI and also PAIZURI! The chionna condition powers out Sean who treats a man of series regularity as a pet more than the former work! By 3P, just like, a savagery, the one! Tasting a male dirty bottom around, and during continuing in continuous raw HAME without FERA 2 book, stock! True kan RI! It's apparent to give oneself up! (Dream room company offer delivery: The right hanger)

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"Rei outstanding in a style. There are also a lot of indecent languages, and, the degree of indecency amount. The chi female role is very skilful, too, so I'd like to see a new design by all means." "Somehow an actress can't come to like a style an actor accompanies like a queen so much and the form of glasses of Makawa Rei wasn't also too suitable.", can she? "Are any patterns decided? This series. There are no stock emphasis scenes in the genuineness, and but Motosaku is slightly dissatisfied. 4 points." "It's dissolute..., it's good the look is dissolute. I'm also sexy and am provoking a man.", isn't it? "A beautiful actress. I increase and also make an ambition stuffy, and you can make them be thrilled. Could you play a game."

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