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Even if pants are taken off, I never take off my glasses! Shiina RIKU and Caribbean com first appearance work! It's slightly apparent if charming everybody of your home course, and saying, to make the form of glasses absorbed in the face which looks like the country! At RIKU who has closed in an enemy and a molester of the way of the going to school and the female of the world by the pretty uniform form and the restroom where the feel attacked by a molester is school feeling like being dirty without being left, and with being unbearable, one person onanism. MA○ is wet in KO HABICHOBICHO, and the finger is sticky by man soup! Panties have got wet with a great deal of man soup, so RIKU who returns to a classroom for No bread without putting on pants. Honor-roll student's RIKU is a student council chief! You may also get study and it's possible, so during explaining an experiment of science before a classmate, I fall down and don't wear pants suddenly, so MA○, KO is completely exposed to view! Surprised male students take a picture by a cell phone, and I circle RIKU, rape after that and splash group FERA and ZAMEN over glasses away in order for MA○ to see more KO. The lens are in the state by which nothing looks instant full of ZAMEN! And this later is serious for RIKU. RIKU called to 2 shameless teachers! All former affairs, for these horny teachers, BARE! It's threatened out of these things and is the origin of the compulsion rape 3P! The finger man who is to the extent they're persistent, doesn't collect on a vibes attack and is huge, spout! And compulsion W FERA the mouth makes think when it splits and the piston even Sui of a pubis affects! Pretty RORIMEGANE is done in the state muddily by ZA soup! Even if pants are taken off, everybody of fetishism of glasses and RIKU full of ZAMEN are never taking off their glasses. (Dream room company offer delivery: My potash father)

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"In moto is wonderful and Shiina RIKU's being cute, why, such, of glasses which don't look good, bullhead tu, make? A special pretty face is spoiled and is a very regrettable work." "Thing of glasses. Even OMOTE is good BUKKAKE I corrected and it was GOMUHAME. It's unrevised and is the place NAMAHAME wants as expected if it's shown.", isn't it? "Land doesn't look good with glasses. A sailor blouse looks good." "A boring plan. I rather dampen to stick to fetishism of glasses because I like an actress." "It isn't fetishism of glasses, so how is splash in glasses? For, I think. Big OMAN KO of a flyer flyer of RIKU is erotic rice."

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