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Ebihara himena:Dynamite Ebihara himena.

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My DOSUKEBERORI daughter and Ebihara himena are popular, in a hard-core series "dynamite", first, being the work on which I appeared and in limiting for 2 weeks, it's delivered at last! An anus and CHINKO of 2 men who were in the chin repeat state, alternately, lickingly. The erotic way which is tasted around though it calls leather turnip "KU SA!" in CHINKO which seems rank. The later when each 1 person did whether it's I in hand KOKI and caught in your mouth, 2 vibeses, it's used, and, onanism. Ebihara himena a countenance strikes though it's ONA RI, and where we assume 2 shots of super-eros is bathed, and that goes to looking like an idol! The end finishes by stock during 3P continuation! Does it lack impact a little compared with the former "dynamite" like Miss Caribbean? What did you think as, how did everyone think? Please write a reflection on the review in the bottom and tell me! (Dream room company offer delivery: Miss Caribbean)

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"You have a pretty face, and it's SUKEBEDO perfection you also have fine teamwork by a dynamite body.", isn't it? "An actress is exerting herself I like this type, and you're going to be able to know the value.", isn't she? "It was very good like the play contents, but girl's looks was not completely satisfactory." "I think the dynamite series is good, when is this actress slightly different?? It isn't bad, isn't it quite satisfactory a little." "The dynamite plan of himena of a RORI kid was good. Different from pie bread, it's artistic."

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