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2 amateurs:I sneak into an interview site of pin Salo! I shouldn't have that primarily....

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"A spotted spot made a site of the amateur who comes." animation. Can a shop assistant of pin Salo call interview and make the public performance girls? Please, is there a case that you wondered? You settle that! The actor it'll be an interviewer and who has finished 2 girls who negotiate with pin Salo who has that and come to the interview is an erotic course! The first child is a rod rod of big breasts, so PAIZURI, please, if I make take off oh, what and, pie bread! KUNNI, but, I refuse insertion decisively! The 2nd person is the sunburn gal system! I'm not also eager to feel embarrassed of the beginning and take a bra, the request which is CHINPOMASSAJI by the actor and the chestnut which are indeed! "Don't enter by mistake." and, saying, a lower back is moved, and, "do you get it and don't you enter, !?" and girl...! Now, insertion negotiations' succeeding or, it's seen, and, enjoy yourself! (Dream room company offer delivery: Blur)

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"YARASE is the work seen interestingly to some degree, thinking. An actress is exerting herself, too." "I think the plan is quite fascinating. But there are no levels of the girl a little. The first person isn't cute and the style is also subtle. The second person seems slightly cute, but a body is rather thick." "It's fascinating, but SHUCHUESHON doesn't like an actress." "A face is also not completely satisfactory for the 1st person and the level of the girl is irrelevant without a performance. The second person is a gal course and the end is Nakaide stripe though it says that there are no performances, and the flow is open, and fascinating, but it isn't my taste as expected." "An actress isn't cute at all at two people, either.... I like this story very much, so, please make me a work in prettier KO."

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