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Lina Yuki.:From a beautiful man, cataclysm

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The transcendence by which beautiful o trees of now also plays an active part as a performing artist by the unit of the junction, beauty and Lina Yuki! Retirement work part 1 in the audio visual activity age end is appearance this time! Beauty CHIKUBI where it's too clean for the perfect body made SURARI and the beautiful bottom everyone feels like stroking! The certification for genuineness was moderate and full plumply, MANKO which seems good! Though I see the form reflected in a monitor and feel embarrassed, the all bodies are shown off in a physical function and it's taken out during the seriousness felt away, kan! Lina's beautiful man who is reproved for a finger and a tongue with GUCHUGUCHU and causes a cataclysm is already last glimpse! I overlook and cry! (Dream room company offer delivery: That it isn't Caribbean)

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"It's a work of the AMORZ brand with a lot of doubtful cuts, by an interview of a plan of SOD, without NG, if, there is only Lina who was boasting, and it seems to be stock in the genuineness without cuts. Regretted easiness was the one of Nakaide flirting on the side hard, and CHINPIKU wanted you to catch by a rise." "Lina is quite cute, and, erotic KU, may. They seem also to have fine teamwork and it's also beautiful there the play is also good.", isn't it? "A face isn't the favorite type personally, but I also have fine teamwork by a slender body." "Of Lina Yuki it's "musical BA and #12316; or", and who has debuted by the unit as the Bijogi junction, it's said that it's unrevised and I'm excited." "Yuki RI NA is cute. It's wonderful and is a typewriter. OMAN KO also has fine teamwork and is also beautiful. The FERA face is also very nice."

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