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Yui Takagi.:Training Yui Takagi.

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June bride! It's said to be a season of marriage so in June and is appearance of popular series training for married life in Caribbean com. SHI a wedding dress is quite well-matched and surprisingly, rocket bibakuchichi with tension also grabs the body which is dynamite apart from Yui Takagi and the Japanese who seem pure in particular, and where MUSHABURI is the fact mistake I feel like striking! The work which can be satisfied fully and it's as which such she thinks of JO IYARASHI bride study onanism, the fresh insertion of vegetables which starts from a nude apron, her purity and vulgar build! (Dream room company offer delivery: CHORISU, now, konkatsunaka...)

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"The skin is also beautiful and good for Mr. Yui Takagi, a breast is best by far the most, PURUNPURUN also shakes at dirty, and it seems very good." "A face is a little, white skin, a well-shaped breast, beautiful areola papillaris and a teat. The flyer flyer which is pink but erotic when opening. A EROI body. Alien substance insertion in the first half will be unnecessary and be not a gift. Without putting an unnecessary scene as well as this work in, I'd like to see the work done away from the beginning to the end." "Actresses are fair big breasts, without complaints. The place where eggplant and cucumber are put in just as it is is also good. Because an actor is Mr. Minami, the degree of NAMAHAME exposure is high, since the medium stock is made him, how to show it is not completely satisfactory. But, the area which can be permitted." "It seems good and I'm an actress with NUKI effect. Because I also like the feature, kan RAZU NUKE." "Yui seems fair and neat, but it's erotic eros in plenty a breast is big, and I have fine teamwork and, play, erotic KU, may!!", isn't it?

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