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Victoria white:Abe makes a pass at her at a foreign country, an experience notes 2.

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A request of a Japanese boy and a target in Abe's next are OMANKO of a blond ham and a married woman! "It's beautiful-please get married!" for, I propose away, because it wasn't hung easily, the sun was setting. Then, thought is changed, and it's super. Then I was here! 29 years old of married woman who has come to buy the ingredients of dinner and Mr. Victoria! I succeed to mix about a glass of beer by kneeling down on the ground of strong point work! Indeed! The pace which is Abe after getting drunk and bringing her of conscious mourou to a bed! The communication by which it's Abe school to breathe a teat! Don't Wally be Happy and DAKI where MANKO was also here! Mr. Victoria is conscious half, too, the beginning, "No." But I can't win the flesh. The positivism which writes a lower back personally in pleasure of the tongue of Abe who covets MANKO, grasps the vibes Abe changes and makes them stuff more into the inside! The national United States which is self-assertion indeed! MANKO NOKUCHUKUCHU sound, without incompleteness! Because I have a husband, is a condom used? But I'm Abe, are a thing and such request heard? GUJJOBU Abe who makes a blond married woman faint in agony beyond the border! (Dream room company offer delivery: Green potash bikini man)

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"Abe is good. Mr. foreigner and raw HAME, can, it's simply HAME teacher favor during being unusual since making it a foreigner, moreover it's taken out and it's finished! It's enviable.", isn't it? "The West thing doesn't want you to do such trivial conversation. NO is good for only dirty straight." "The pie bread is good, but a pimple of marks of shaving is slightly regrettable you wanted to take off all ends as expected and see the whole body of a blond foreigner.", isn't it? "That didn't look good for wearing NISO of a net hard. It's very regrettable. How to feel a foreigner is different from Japanese, and you inhale a chestnut is fingered by itself and even while being inserted. They're greedy for SEX.", right? "You can't come to like the West thing system basically. How much is an actor Japanese as expected in the West thing, too? Oh, but Abe is exerting himself, so it's this evaluation."

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