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Yuki Kawamoto (pseudonym):Pubic hair salon File.1

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Does the salon where you design pubic hair know that I have that? I collect data on charge to such topical place! There was a guest already, so shall we show me the service! A style is chosen from a catalog, and, first, trim. It's even processed accurately even around the anus! Work is developed, interviewing a store manager. Because I say "I'm a man, (warai) where it's here when becoming stiff,", a girl and a face are twitched! Even if "please stop" by a straight face when I touch the inside in ASOKO even a little, a fir is crowded much, and I have to do lotion smoothly to shave by a razor! It's angry with girl perfection in store manager's youthful spirit! But "Would it be comfortable? Because you're wet." for, a store manager keeps a finger in oh at such, and what is this service? A girl seems angry, too and is it comfortable actually? It's impossible even to take a toy out and end by normal service as expected, isn't it? Please be satisfied carefully! (Dream room company offer delivery: Green potash bikini man)

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"I'm doing hair treatment of this work seriously, but 34 works of eye is fraudulent recklessness. She's a beautiful woman, but, never, ASOKO was twiddled and the last was inserted, and without being glad returned angrily, but it'll be because it's an impossible work, that I don't return when returning on the way primarily. There were no works of 2 kind of crop, but was it eliminated? Delta Airlines might do in advance. There are also 4 works, and it isn't serialized. It's continued, and (male desire)." "If saying-, ordinary hair is just shaved, kichi, a reaction keeps doing erection outside the big one or outside the mind and the intention of only the part." "A ridiculous work. It's empty slightly that time was killed by such one." "I think it's impossible actually, but it's quite fascinating plan the girl looked like an amateur and was slightly pretty, too and you could enjoy yourself.", isn't it? "She was an ordinary child, but a girl might have a tense feeling. Is it realistic?"

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