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Sato lily:Playing of big breasts

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The outstanding figure and the perfect body which are 92 cm of B, W 59 cm and H 88 cm from the top! The Sato lily who seems to have resembled a former gravure idol Sa Fujie circle child! It's rubbed with the perfect big breasts with the complete shape, color, size and everything forcibly around male CHINPO and breathed, YARA, can, extraordinary! The state the beauty of the idle system who seems usually quiet does PAIZURI service of strenuously around CHINPO aggressively, too is must-see! If it's the body which has no charm only of big breasts with this, CHINPO doesn't also well up, because they're the big breasts which shake for a perfect body, an ambition is also 100 times! 120 percent of degree of erection! Tonight's dish is a rule with this! (Dream room company offer delivery: Dead leaf old man)

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"This actress is an outstanding style the face is also beautiful and, the play contents are also thick, big, I was excited. It's also expected next.", isn't she? "Neither a face nor a style were my favorite type. They were good at play." "And, or, the feature pretty in a breast. If one is a breast lover, it'll be the kind I come to like most. But I'm not too interested in a breast, so eyes are attracted to the lower part of the body absolutely, and I pay attention to the bottom. It's breast recommendation, but the bottom is also very nice." "Favorite type of actress. A feature, not to mention, a breast seems good. There is NUKI effect." "Big breasts and a balance are natural for a body plumply, II! Oh, 50 waists are reading mackerel...."

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