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Yuri Konishi.:New employee's work Vol.16-Nakaide seraph of a white robe-

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Cute new face nurse and Yuri Konishi are young, and also bang into a medical site by a delicate body with the one of the guidance of a senior nurse though they're confused. The hierarchy by which the form of the maid of urination of a male patient and Yuri who holds the hand KOKI first aid and CHINPO as well as washing pudenda in the mouth and heals gently is a white robe surely!"... for patients this is also a part of nursing and,..." a hierarchy of a white robe is because... extending a hand to a meat stick becomes a grown-up nurse while telling so by oneself, gate! (Dream room company offer delivery: Clammy stick)

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"Surprisingly, it's also voluminous MANKO,-the seal will be also good,-" "The play was neat, but I didn't like Ms. Actress's looks so much." "Please do a spotted blur and deal with an... nurse somehow, YOO-. The situation that I quarrel about a teacher and a nurse more than what thing? Is it PAWAHARA course." "That's good. If it's such hospital, even feigned illness is hospitalization you bothered for a middle-aged man next to Sean with patient's young boy in the big open room, and it was the balance.", isn't it? "GUCHUGUCHU noise is made and it's inserted that the H degree may be made UP! VIP picture more by a nurse costume masquerade though I'm satisfied with only this. If there is a picture of full HD, I'd like to judge by high definition more. It outputs in a television screen at that time, and I'd like to judge from a big screen.".

Keywords:Raw HAME namakan, an audio visual actress, the beautiful seat, a beautiful leg, a uniform, a costume masquerade, a nurse, a vibes, launch in the mouth, group sex and ZAMEN, during, it's taken out and hand KOKI, KUNNI and FERA are animated originally.

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