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Yuki truth:Caribbean diamond Vol.3

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The potash series only the beautiful females of the Caribbean com reservation were gathered "Caribbean diamond"! The diamond on which you appear this time is Yuki truth of a former performing artist. After an entertainment world debut, entertainment activity is begun in earnest as a gravure idol as a juvenile. After retirement, the beauty who was playing an active part as many television drama appearances, stages and race queens dodges to the audio visual world! It's to a climax in the audio visual world by the beauty and an outstanding style. The Yuki truth, at last, the first back debut. The whole body, the truth outstanding in the style which develops heroic sex with a man full of clammy lotion. Of a former performing artist, brilliant and radical sex, perfection is unrevised and is a delivery! (Dream room company offer delivery: Dead leaf JIJII)

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"SUTAIRUIINE l, good salt milk and Good! erotic SA are also good-looking, the shade of MANKO begins to feel and is also good! But it isn't the naturalness which has no man hair! This gives a demerit mark." "The style was quite pretty and could also be very excited well outstandingly. I want you to appear again by the different situation." "Ms. beauty who is to the extent it's fascinated. MANKO also cares beautifully, and I'm Good. I also want you to deal with a remaining hair." "A short cut is pretty TAIPU, they're slender and it's pretty. This is the work you'd like to judge from a full high-definition television delivery by all means.", isn't it? "The actress who seems quite good. Because the feature was also the favorite type, SHIKOSHIKO and NUKI were rolled up by good feeling."

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