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Makise Kurara:DAMASHI interview-first work-

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Makise Kurara who made take off the clothes after an interview by a previous work, and rolled up stet while blowing a great deal of water. It's said to be first swimsuit photography this time, and is to a studio. In the person himself's thinking as photography by a gravure sense and indicating a photography pose small from putting, a staff and the president afraid-. It's called "Stick out more bottom. You can't have an expression attractively because it isn't a doll?", but Makise Kurara with a condition. But the disposal good extraordinariness restricts both hands and when it's done in the hanging state, makes staff all the members take off the one to which I have come with a president at the head, and by which fingers PAIPANMANKO away. The side which is being seen, "You and brute draft beer!", I sympathize, but the picture which threatens Makise Kurara is the unexpected work which wells up so that a word becomes painful! (Dream room company offer delivery: Dead leaf old man)

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"By the looks it can never be said a beauty, but which seems to become, by this, there is eros again! You'd like MANKO." "Rape of a pie bread thing might be glamorous. I hope that OMANKO is beautiful as expected." "Quite cute lady. The form which is restricted and blamed by three people is excited." "A where Makise Kurara was erotic Ine who secretes liquid drippingly though it was hung, and microwaving was inserted in a toy, the mouth and OMEKO, and jin was shaken and he put an arm in an anus." "It's being thrilled what it's to threaten a slender body. Moreover, pie bread. They seem to see marks of shaving, erotic I NAA. Because it isn't too hard, I can enjoy myself surely."

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