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It's Nakamura collar.:The amateur audio visual interview-special edit volume which is already slow-when noticing a false gravure

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KAWAII! I'm serious and it's pretty! This daughter is jackpot, ERI NA where the body fresh which can look really good with a♪ bob and flick the smile and the youth with the cute small animal system is attractive (temporary), 20 years old. She didn't tell me an appearance motive conversantly during an interview, but it'll be a form of spending money gain, won't it? Such, oh, even how good is it! You come to the photography in this way, and, without regret, OMANKO, OPPIROGE, please, thank you Belli macho! Please make sure what kind of play such she fascinates in front of the camera by your eye by all means! (Dream room company offer delivery: Clammy stick)

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"The countenance and the style were not completely satisfactory for this actress. The play contents also amounted to little. It's expected of the next plan." "It's pretty-. It's wasteful to make it an amateur. Work next time by all means, please." "I'm the lady who seems to be a childlike face, but the build is clean I was excited to twiddle a chestnut for the form that it's felt.", isn't it? "I visit lower backs, the feeling which isn't narrow may look like an amateur. The feeling that it's cute in moto without a flashy costume is an agreeable impression. They seem to be growing into the feeling that a polish should be given. Doesn't seriousness debut." "This daughter is a beauty. A short cut also looks good. The man hair without treatment is also best. Indeed, during, it can't be taken out."

Keywords:Raw HAME namakan, an amateur, HAME taking, launch in the mouth, KUNNI, FERA, an original animation and a memoir/a documentary.

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