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Mami Miura.:My daughter who seems serious, well, spear man? I inspected by the all ordinary female university student who came at the dating site.

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A HANIKAMI smiling face is pretty for getting at the dating site this time, Mami (20 years old). The floral female university student who creates lovely voice and atmosphere! It's said that a university and a university like dirty very much for Mami oppositely with the appearance of the neat ancestry which seems not to go out to an audio visual so much! Moreover the owner of KUCHUKUCHU OMAN KO who tends to get wet even if Mami takes it. Dirty character and NUREKUCHUMANKO would soon be intolerable! In addition to that it's said that they like FERA very much, CHUPACHUPA and service FERA, the form is attraction. Such Mami is Mr. amateur who wants to see by all means! (Dream room company offer delivery: Clammy stick)

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"It might look like an amateur. MANKO gets wet and gets wet in particular and is wonderful. You want you to go out again." "You're a cute girl it may look like an amateur. Pubic hair of a natural condition is making characteristics of an amateur be raised. When OMANKO is seen, but is it open in plenty?... they're means and feeling.", right? "Mami Miura is cute, and a breast also is beautiful and is about a well-proportioned girl and riding, and it's about the normality which may seem to be meeting that it's moving personally with NARO comfortably desperately, and even though CHINKO where this also sticks away desperately is absorbed, combination OMEKO reads NI in the energy shine. This seemed in an amateur contributing work." "Since making it an amateur, I'm a too lecherous actress. If it's an opening thing to here, it doesn't collect, and indeed I'm a spear man." "Actress? If even an actor is an amateur, but II will be the one which is an amateur so, sample. Does NAMAHAME also cut corners the medium stock with the low and easy degree of exposure? The level. Out of consideration for girl's effort, 3 points"

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