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Amakawa Natsunagi:Boss's scheme Subordinate aimed at

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Amakawa Natsunagi of the chief director and the subordinate who check in at a hotel in a business trip destination though they say "that would be a problem,-". When a chief director reserves a hotel, I think that I have reserved only one room by mistake-. It's worthless and shares a room on the day, and to stay overnight. By the face which seems uncomfortable, a chief director, for Natsunagi, "I take a shower and relax, and I'm this town a little, because I research.", going out. When Natsunagi is taking a shower while calling a complaint a pimple, the chief director who should go out has sneaked a shot of Natsunagi who is returning to the room and is taking a shower secretly-! An eye of the time chief director who put the electric light off and was fast asleep, (☆ Д☆), it beams with KIRARIN!

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"At the company which was working in the past, of a subordinate, the status of the boss could be written on an umbrella, and there was a guy who makes the dirty a girl. A girl seemed to be enjoying oh to some degree, too...." "That it looks like milk can enter only an expensive body of a rod rod sense, and is regrettable. It isn't bad setting, so, when there is more realistic in production and acting, the moment, it's a little regrettable." "You're a good girl of such temporizing means, even a handle, SEX, you're the child who has value.", right? "Even if the plan isn't bad, but there is no summer milk, you can't have an interest in these looks and body. The general public reconsidered, and checked whether there was also this level, but I didn't come to have carnal desire as expected. To the extent did the scene by which a chief director smells underwear stimulate a sexual sense only? But that it's taken off, put underwear is turned over, dirt on thigh cloth and all of the body temperature and the smell which check the body fluid and stay are drawn in and it isn't done to the tasted place, a professional act but, they aren't precocious." "When the story with this artless hand is sometimes seen, it's fascinating because you could foresee the future, that a minus element looked like an ordinary clerical worker and was seen essence could also imagine at NUKI and if actresses were dirtiness of the skin and ordinariness, too, the feeling that Takashi is good.", isn't it?

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