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Kasuga:I who became a student who failed to get accepted at a university of his choice and is seeking another chance by a cause of the girl friend who is selfish and passes eros

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A popular actress changes the name and re-appears by a bakuchichi childlike face. It isn't known whether it's what's change in feelings, but that there was a change doesn't seem to be only the name. Like the time when a bag of a goldfish rescue with those water of an expert taste was put on the table, splash, breast! A very soft one, DA! My she there is feeling in such MO NA, and who likes a fact very much. You also buy a body for the midst of the previous fiscal year's exam war away, and it has fallen in a university after all. MO NA smart originally will be the female university student who goes to a university from this April, and much, a lust is filling its head. I came to fawn on CHINKO more. Well, I seem also to fail in this year's taking an examination again.

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"Purpose of a cute child but, do you shrivel to here? Pitifulness is held because overwhelming bakuchichi was sale around the RORI line. I have no choice but to say still that the form that I cling to this industry is commendable." "Though it's while being pretty, it's hanging and is best luckily. Because there is such one loving person fairly, I want you to take it out one after another. When raising wrinkles of a teat, this director is separating! And, with a broad grin. Won't mother's milk go out any more?" "It was not completely satisfactory wasn't there also a good place in particular? It was watery whether it was the last Nakaide frost and.", wasn't it? "What did you have for previous name thistle NENE? It's good that it was a slim body, but it's regrettable that it was transformed into the hanging down milk which also has no shadows of that abundant breast." "It's too severe! I don't stand up by such one."

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