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Chihiro Akino.:Lecherous charisma dish lecturer

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Too cute beautiful mature woman and Mr. Chihiro Akino challenge a lecturer of a cooking class! Chihiro says "when cooking, the freshness of the ingredients is It's all about the benjamins,-" to a student, dabs a teat with eggplant and begins a freshness check! An eye is closed, and though HIKU can use up a body, the thickness of the eggplant and the hardness are sensed. The next takes carrot out, says "The carrot isn't uneven and extra boldness is slippery and moderate and best." and forces GATTSURI carrot into beautiful PAIPANMANKO!

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"Tea, I also think an injury passes, the area an erotic beautiful mature woman can permit. Yazaki and a cooking tool, it's utilized, and, sampling seems also good difficultly. When it'll be involvement, it's the shape street so often, little, disappoint." "Erotic KU, and, the breast is also big for pie bread! Wouldn't you like! It's setting of a dish lecturer to this work, so it's slightly regrettable that you didn't take a hood." "I don't like pie bread so much, MANKO of a beautiful mature woman looks good, so we assume that it's good." "85 95 lookses and degrees of HAME display. Since doing to pass 40 years old, it's beautiful, but the sense with which intention is chipped off a little can't also be denied. I want HAME time to show it to me a little more with a short one. It was occurring one after another around New Year's also, so monotony is also the material of points deducted. Whether you'd like a person of age ignoring, too." "It was ideal for the story which uses food a teacher feels like having a teacher like Chihiro cook oneself. I come again. Even if it isn't called, even how many times do you go.", wasn't it?

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