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Mary Hayakawa.:Miss drinking KYABA at the end of work is taken over from a driver.

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Mary Hayakawa of Miss popular KYABA who has lain idle in the car which is being welcomed and sent off. A driver can't wake Miss KYABA up forcibly and is always in trouble. But the traders who take such Miss trouble KYABA back appeared. Traders were holding and were leaving Miss KYABA while coming and grinning by oneself. I make a room take off that I arrive and because I make a sofa take off panties and a bra with which puts Mary to sleep and meets, a teat and a clitoris, Chablis rolling. Still I make a body wind, and I have begun to find to clap a rotor in Mary who doesn't have the sign which occurs at all in MANKO!

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"Is Miss Mary's KYABA a tailor-made role? It'll be horny that a chestnut is big." "If there is such Miss KYABA, it'll be brought home immediately. It's hinnyuu, this teat isn't bad and I'd like to meddle with a detective chestnut with fearful curiosity. Even if I was drunk, it was felt, but don't thrust at language." "It's I who doesn't like pie bread, but you like the amount of the semen after excuse during the last a highlight was only that.", right? "A slander body is wonderful. Pie bread isn't a taste so much, but it's good to see the chestnut who welled up clearly." "The work which isn't quite satisfactory not completely satisfactory. It's drunken room ESHON, but it's the second half that there is no drunkenness as expected, it's good, a one it's understood. Medium stock? It'll have meat for belly by riding, I was too engaged, withered and accomplished."

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