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Kirishima Hikaru:Overnight trip to hot springs of two person KIRI

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Today is Kirishima Hikaru and one night hot spring date. I notice that I'm arriving at a Japanese-style inn with a hot spring and am relaxing in the yukata Hikaru has put in the room, say "You may change your clothes." and change out of rawness by the place. Though a man is excited, the raw extra clothes, that it twinkles, observation. Hikaru who has also finished extra clothes is gentle with a man and massages. That it has passed a little, "It's massaged for me, too, and.", I take off the yukata which has been just put on, am stark-naked and lie down on the tatami! When a man is massaging a lower back, the hips and a thigh, he begins to raise a vulgar cry and Hikaru has made a body have some turns! That a man traces a clitoris from the top of panties, that Hikaru twitches a body, love liquid which makes them bounce and is sticky, I begin to soak from panties. "This continuation by which well-oh was already becoming comfortable-is done at a bathroom, I come near." and, I pull a male hand and run into the mixed bathing bath!

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"There is eros and words are a work last, I come near, UI or, if saying, whether it's wax comes off the drama sense which is in a hurry was good.", doesn't it?, aren't they? "Say, A-. I don't go to a trip to hot springs long. It's better to do H at a hot spring." "Kirishima Hikaru is doing a good body patience holds and is probable. OMANKO bought eros the angle of the photography was good.", didn't it?, isn't he? "I'm interested in the one with the distorted shape of the chest, but all except for that is the actress who can take out a passing score. The situation which looks like continuation of a previous work may also be the factor which could be enjoyed. Mosquito Lamy by an outdoor hotspring bath doesn't look like exposure, but there is feeling of opening, so it's II." "The hot spring thing is same as the outdoors thing, and umm isn't too attractive personally. An actress says this, too, and have you just said it has no characteristic and that there is also no bad without ka."

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