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Today's delivery is Ayumu who appeared on an investor return party. Moreover I get the first taking animation! HAME taking at the time when they were still young is delivered! She who is serious and doesn't want to copy a face. The form that I'm desperate and hide a face is intolerable! I also begin to take a picture there without facial hiding forcibly! It's the angle from the side, but CHIRACHIRA sees a face-! An amateur tickles a heart of perfect awkward FERA GAO! When a mask is put on, she who could give a mask finally is bold! That a body is soft, surprisingly, it's Ohiraki leg in a good thing! And Ayumu who feels that CHINPO is inserted away with loud pant voice. A maintained sense goes out, and whether the true character goes out when a mask is put on, quite daringly, SSU-! Mr. CHINPO challenges 2 rounds in good which is that, too! That it's unexpected, it's good, but I'm Ayumu! The eye eye at which I peep through a mask moves rapidly, cute she. Please enjoy yourself-!

Asia Paradice
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Asia Paradice

Keywords:I splash HAME taking and a costume masquerade, pie bread shaving and FERA.

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