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I'm sorry to have kept you waiting. Today's delivery is a continuation of the investor return party popular last time. The quite remarkable plan to which I say also that I have investor's people participate while including thanks in investors and showing you a flow of photography! As it is invested, for, it's that it's boring and when wearing a mask, a face isn't understood! Besides do you have that easily or-also to return a woman as well as the money which is originally! Moreover one girl is twiddled by come and go! Ayumu who says that a worrisome girl has taken only several yet! Business, previous, you participate! She as whom an amateur is same. The bottom isn't being processed, and, just as it is, SSU! You twiddle the body reality is away for several people's of Mr. CHIN PO! I'm often reserved, how to feel doesn't collect! This one of memoir close adherence! Please enjoy yourself-!

Asia Paradice
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Asia Paradice

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